The Gardens at Locust

Dubbed as a “A Community of Individuals,” the Gardens at Locust provides the perfect balance of privacy and neighborly living. Upgraded units are arrayed in a smart selection of formats, from townhouses along the lane to duplexes filling out the cul-de-sac. This diversity contributes to the streets’ open feel, enabling each family to make noise in their own quiet corner. And with a gardened walkway opening to the local park, the Gardens at Locust captures the single most homemaking factor: personality. Each unit is swathed in its own character. From the façade on in, no two homes are alike—except in their uniqueness. Exteriors feature an interplay of contemporary design languages, while spacious interiors delight residents with striking features like open staircases all the way to the attic. Finished patios ensure use of the full yard, and accessible luxuries make home feel like no other.


Duplex home development on newly developed land